Community Support

Community Support

Dubbo RSL Memorial Club continues to support its Members and the Local & Regional community of Dubbo, to provide Members and the community of Dubbo a Living Legacy, admirable in its ideals and service. For the Year ending December 31, Dubbo RSL Memorial Club contributed back to the community:

Club Grants $111,021.84
Donations, Donations in kind, Sponsorships, RSL Inner Clubs & Youth Club $162,832.04

In the 2021/2022 Club Grant funding year, there were 23 recipients who received Club Grant funding and 70 recipients from the Local & Regional Community and Sporting Clubs who received Category 2 funding.

2022/2023 Recipients

Club Grants Recipients Category 1&2 22-2023

How to Apply

ClubGrants completed for 2023-2024. All funding expended. No applications accepted until 1 Febraury 2025


Category 1  – Cash and In Kind funding requires a detailed application process and we suggest you refer to resources available from the ClubsNSW website to assist you in completing your submission.

Note:  There are two completely different applications for Category 1 ClubGrants – Cat 1 Cash and Cat 1 In Kind (eg Room Hire).

See Applicants Manual –

Funding application are to be submitted directly to the ClubsNSW ClubGrants online webpage as per the instructions provided in the Applicants Manual.

Applications will be accessed by the local committee at the close of the funding deadline 31 May each year.  Applications will be accessed along the basis that they provide aid and benefit within the LGA, value for money and enrichment to the community.

Assistance can be made by contacting the Convenor – Manager of Community Services, Dubbo Regional Council on 02 6840 1755 or by contacting Dubbo RSL on 02 6882 4411 or Club Dubbo on 02 6884 3000.

Category 2  – Funding application process is completed in the same way as the Category 1 except they are accessed by the individual Clubs they are being applied to.  Category 2 funding are traditionally funding for sponsorship or smaller donations – cash – in kind.

See Applicants Manual –

Correspondence will be distributed directly to the applicants via email from the ClubsNSW ClubGrants.

ClubGrant funding rounds open between 1 February and 31 May each year.






ClubGRANTS Applicants Manual
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