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Dirty Dicks

Friday 11th November

**Please Note: tables are being released in sections to allow the filling of tables for the best experience possible. If you wish to purchase a full table OR more seats than are currently available to purchase on any one table, please contact the Club on 6882 4411 and we’ll be able to process your order**


Dirty Dick’s – creating history….
Over 50 years ago, Dirty Dick’s Theatre Restaurant first opened its
doors in Perth, at Cambridge Street, Wembley, before spreading its
wings to every state and territory in the land
More recently, in a touring show capacity, this iconic Australian
entertainment phenomenon has presented its shows, and unique
nights of Medieval merriment, in more than 1600 registered clubs,
hotels, function venues, resorts, restaurants and community centres
across Australasia
Dirty Dick’s is, arguably, the nation’s longest, continuous running, live
entertainment and throughout its history, the Dirty Dick’s organization
may well have created some records.
Over 5 million people, across three generations, have experienced
Dirty Dick’s. More than 1400 actors have appeared in over 37,000
stage performances.
Dirty Dick’s Theatre Restaurant has been in the winner’s circle for the
prestigious “Best Entertainment” Award as judged by the Restaurant
and Catering Association of NSW. It is also the only Theatre
Restaurant ever to win the prestigious “Gold Plate” Award for food
Dirty Dick’s is more than just a night out! From the moment you
arrive, the fun starts. Join our wondrous wenches, lively lads and
merry minstrels as they settle you into the spirit of the evening. Then
sit back and be entertained by a host of historical (or should that be
hysterical!) stage characters as they recount some of history’s more
notable events!!