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Bill Chambers & Raechel Whitchurch


Touring their brand new releases, “Bill Chambers  - Cold Trail” and “Raechel Whitchurch - Outlaw”.

Bill Chambers new album, ‘Cold Trail’, is his first studio album in four years, following on from his last live album ‘Live @ The Pub Tamworth’ CD & DVD. In reality, Bill has left anything but a ‘Cold Trail’, continuing to tour the world playing in daughter Kasey’s band, and also his own solo shows, playing anything from house concerts and coffee lounges, to major festivals.

If you’ve been in the audience at a Bill Chambers concert you’ll notice he always travels with a swag of guitars, showcasing his connection to different styles of music that he has been influenced by over the years.

“I grew up listening to the Hillbilly music my mum and dad played when I was a kid. I discovered early Rock’n’Roll, Buddy Holly, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash. In recent times I’ve been particularly influenced by the Texas Singer/Songwriters”.

When you see Bill Chambers live on stage its evident that his music reflects his early influences and resonates with stories of his life on the road. It’s easy to believe that he's lived every story his road weary voice delivers.

Raechel Whitchurch was born into a world of making music, travelling the dirt roads of the Australian outback, and most importantly, telling the truth. All of which made a great start for a life of telling stories through song.


Raechel grew up in an eclectic family of six who travelled around Australia in a caravan and paid their bills by playing music at pubs and clubs on weekends. Her mother, Tracey, home-schooled her, while her father, Steve, looked after the music business.  Raechel, her parents and three younger siblings travelled from town to town, performing in an eccentric, alternate version of a country family band.


Many years of touring and performing saw Raechel earn the right to step onto a stage with an ease and confidence that makes you immediately feel at home. It has also given her the opportunity to perform with incredible artists such as Kasey Chambers, Lisa Mitchell and Ruby Boots. It was inevitable that she would grow up to be a mature singer/songwriter with a voice carrying just enough twang to steal your heart and lyrics with enough honesty to convince you she's lived every line. Her debut EP, “Outlaw” is out now.

Showtime: Doors open: 7.00pm
Showtime: 8.00pm

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