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Battle of the Voices -Roy Orbison & Gene Pitney


Gene Pitney and Roy Orbison

“The Battle of the Voices”

Gene Pitney -the unsung hero of the rock and roll era arrived on the scene in the late fifties as a gifted songwriter, capable musician and incredible singer. His dramatic tenor voice, with piercing climaxes, was among the more remarkable voices of the time.  Scoring 16, Top 40 hits in the USA and 22, in the UK, his presence was secured on the world music scene with formidable hits such as:

It Hurts to be in love ,The Man who shot Liberty Valance, 24 Hours from Tulsa,

I’m Gonna be strong, Princess in rags, Mecca, Every Breath I take,

Town without Pity, Last exit to Brooklyn, Trans Canada Highway

A year before Beatlemania overtook the United States in 1964, The Beatles invited Roy Orbison to open the shows for them on their English tour. On his first night, Orbison performed 14 encore songs before the Beatles even made it on stage.

Roy Orbison, was perhaps the most unlikely sex symbol of the 1960s. He dressed like an insurance salesman and was famously lifeless during his performances. "He never even twitched," recalled George Harrison, who was simultaneously awestruck and confounded, as were many, by Orbison's stage presence. "He was like marble." But what Orbison did have, was one of the most distinctive, versatile and powerful voices in pop music in the world. In the words of Elvis Presley, Orbison was simply "the greatest singer in the world."

Nine top ten hits in the 60’s plus a comeback in the late 80’s with the Mystery Girl album has kept Orbison in the “play lists” of generations of music lovers.

Pretty Woman, Crying, In Dreams, Mystery Girl, California Blue, Running Scared,

Leah, Penny Arcade, Oobi Doobi, Blue Bayou, Falling, Pretty Paper,

Both artists were superstars during the heady 60’s and beyond. Their music was entwined with the generation of the time and both were targeting the same record buying public. In 1967 fate would bring them together at Detroit airport, Orbison was flying to Europe to tour the UK and to meet up with his new love Barbara, Pitney was flying to New York to record his next album. They managed to spend 15 minutes together in an airport coffee shop. They never met again, both artists dying of heart failure way too young.

The unmistakable voices of Gene Pitney and Roy Orbison will be heard again during this amazing show. Eddie Daniels is without doubt one of the finest tribute artists in Australia today. Critics have hailed him a “Master Showman” and the “King of Cabaret”. His amazing stage presence captures his audience as soon as he walks on stage.

With an incredible vocal range of over 3 octaves and the ability to re-create the vocal sounds of the greatest singers from the 60’s,   Eddie Daniels is unique !

Eddie is able to move his audience through the music of Roy Orbison and Gene Pitney, giving them that unmistakable “goose bump and shiver down the spine feeling” that you get from experiencing something very, very special.

Eddie’s career in the entertainment business has spanned decades and includes national and international touring, acting roles in Australia’s most loved commercials and sitcoms and a very successful recording career with 10 top selling C.D’s.

Venue: Theatrette
Ticket Price:

Members $25

Non-Members $30

Showtime: Doors open: 1.30pm
Showtime: 2.00pm
Restrictions: All Ages Event

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